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Melanie (32)

When I found out my husband was cheating on me with my best girlfriend, I was devastated. For a while I was angry and sad and jealous and lonely all combined, but then I decided to take matters into my own hands. Why would they be happy (as it turned out they were only together for 2 months, by the way) while I was spending my weekends all alone? I started working out, bought new sexy clothes, grew my hair a little longer, and went looking for men by becoming a member of this website. Now I'm getting the attention my husband refused to give me, and I'm meeting lots of handsome/funny/sexy guys. You might say I'm addicted!

David James (38)

To be honest: I'm an OK guy, just no 'relationship material'. That's caused me problems in the past, when I just couldn't live up to the expectations of my girlfriend(s). I was always looking for a way out, and on the day I discovered this site, I found one. Here are literally thousands of beautiful women, looking for lustful adventures and sexual encounters. I spent some time creating a solid profile, uploaded a nice picture and tried to add an honest - but also a bit humorous - story about myself. And I'm glad I did, because it's really paid off. I receive lots of sex requests from women all over the country, and all I have to do is accept them. It's like a dream come true!

Lisa (43)

I have my own business and travel a lot. This, as you may understand, has its upsides as well as its downsides, because I have plenty of money but not enough time to spend it. Also, besides during business meetings I don't meet a lot of men. That's why every now and then I seek out a male sexual partner here. Someone who's not looking for a steady relationship and doesn't mind being my toyboy, sometimes for a day, sometimes for a few weeks. I've always found it easy to find the right person by using the handy filter system, so I can easily see who's in the neighbourhood, and more important, who's available.